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Happy Prince 快乐王子

Happy Prince 快乐王子 - EP7

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 20 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

Bi Qiu orders New Year goodies from An Qi just to see Zi Le. Zi Le delivers the goodies to the hotel and Bi Qiu peeks at him from her bathroom. Zi Le finds out and they finally meet. Bi Qiu explains the reason as to why she had to abandon Zi Le then but Zi Le refuses to accept it. When he later realises that it is a misunderstanding, Bi Qiu’s flight had already left. 碧秋为了见子乐一面,透过电话向安琪订购年饼。子乐将年饼送到酒店,碧秋躲在浴室偷看,被子乐发现,母子终于见面。碧秋解释当年不得已丢下他的原因,子乐无法接受。后子乐得知误会妈妈,追到机场,但飞机已经起飞……。

Happy Prince 快乐王子
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