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Happy Prince 快乐王子

Happy Prince 快乐王子 - EP20

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 03 Feb 2020 Audio: Chinese

Summer uploads a picture of her mouth inflammation online, gaining support from netizens who start to condemn Happy Prince. Bi Qiu feels that Happy Prince is Zi Le's blood, sweat and tears and she must find a way to save it. Da Wei expresses that the only thing that can save Happy Prince is money, but Zi Le has been cheated out of all his money. Summer把自己嘴巴发炎的照片放上网,获得网民的支持,纷纷谴责Happy Prince。碧秋认为Happy Prince是子乐的心血,一定要想办法补救。达威表示现在只有一样东西可以救Happy Prince,那就是钱,可惜子乐的钱已被人骗光……。

Happy Prince 快乐王子
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