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Happy Can Already! S3 欢喜就好 3

Happy Can Already! S3 欢喜就好 3 - EP10

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Jan 2018 Audio: Hokkien

Xi Mei's daughter-in-law, Mary, gets sued in court. Robert accuses Mary for being unfaithful. He finds several sexy swimwear in her cupboard and realises that she has been often sneaking out. The low self-esteem Robert can't help but feels that he is being made a cuckold. How would Liang Xi Mei solve her own family's dispute ? 梁细妹家变!媳妇Mary被Robert带上公堂,指他红杏出墙。Robert在衣柜里发现了老婆的许多性感泳衣,加上老是偷偷摸摸往外跑,自卑的Robert自觉戴了绿帽,所以在忍无可忍之下,把Mary控上庭。梁细妹在两难的局面下,要如何解决这个自家的家庭纠纷呢?

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