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Groom My Room S1

Groom My Room S1 - EP9

Tabitha Lee
22 Min

By okto Published: 15 Jul 2018 Audio: English

She's not a girl, not yet a woman. After many years of sharing a bedroom with her younger brother, Tabitha is finally getting the bedroom to herself. It's a major step for her in growing up, but, she has absolutely no idea what to do. So Groom my Room comes to the rescue. With the interior designer's help, Tabby sets her mind on a hotel-resort like room because it would look more stylish and sophisticated. But she has never done anything remotely close to making over a room by herself before. Fortunately she's a quick learner, and she sails through the shopping, and budgeting. interior designer for advice. She soon learns that things don't always happen according to plan, even with the best intentions. How does Tabitha's first step to independence turn out for her ? Will her room look like a five-star or one-star hotel ? Watch Groom my Room to find out.

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