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Groom My Room S1

Groom My Room S1 - EP8

Faye Chiew
22 Min

By okto Published: 15 Jul 2018 Audio: English

Retro has never gone out of style as Faye decides to deck out her room in psychedelic fun. She may be all sweet and demure but the gal knows how to work her charms when it comes to getting discounts. Just when she thinks bargaining is a breeze, Faye is stumped with a challenge in order to get the price she wants. Just as the $100 bonus motivates Faye to work faster, she dangles a carrot to the room groomers to help her complete the makeover on time Will the room groomers get their ice cream cones ? Will Faye get her reward ? Watch Groom My Room to find out !

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