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Groom My Room S1

Groom My Room S1 - EP7

Charlotte Dubec
22 Min

By okto Published: 15 Jul 2018 Audio: English

What can be more embarrassing then having friends over and not having a comfy room to hang out. Charlotte's room is large but cold, and she wants to change it. So she embarks on an ambitious grooming session to transform it into room fit for a queen. Meticulous, confident, and over-bearing at times, Charlotte talks her way through the shopping where she bargains with shopkeepers, and persuades Joy, her interior designer, to see her point of view on various aspects of the design. She then runs her makeover in military style pushing Joy and her friends to the limit. Will this tension filled make-over break apart ? Can Charlotte hold everything together long enough to complete her room ? Bring out your pop-corn because our teenage drama queen is in the house on Groom my Room.

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