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Groom My Room S1

Groom My Room S1 - EP10

Loh Suan Hin
22 Min

By okto Published: 15 Jul 2018 Audio: English

The time for Suan Hin to age has come and he finally getting a room all to himself. As long he can remember, it's been old 'hand-me-down' from friends and family and doule the furniture and clutter from sharing the room with his sister. Like anime character himself, the goofy Suan Hin goes around trying to work his boyish charms on an obasan in the beanbag shop to a difficult muralist for discounts. The process of the makeover was more or less smooth sailing until the furniture was moved in. The interior designer's plan doesn't quite work at the last minute. Its rush against time. How will the "anime" themed turn out eventually ? Will he make it on time to win the $100 bonus ?

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