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Granny Knows Best 奶奶最懂得

Granny Knows Best 奶奶最懂得 - EP3

22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 14 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Follow British host, Jamie Bibow, as he visits 8 regions in China to learn how to prepare local delicacies from beloved grandmothers. In today's programme, Jamie visits Yunnan to learn how to make thick bread and mooncake from the Naxi minority. 本纪录片里呈现的传统民族美食和中西融合创意菜品,用最新鲜的食材、最具匠心的烹饪方式,传递蕴藏在菜肴里的心意。在本集节目中,大米特地到云南学习制作纳西族美食如丽江粑粑和纳西月饼。

Granny Knows Best 奶奶最懂得
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