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Golden Pouch 黄金口袋 (Dual Sound)

Golden Pouch 黄金口袋 (Dual Sound) - EP1

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 20 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese;Korean

While capturing some scenery footages, producer Qin Xuehua spots Han Xixun standing at the edge of a riverside. Thinking that he is attempting suicide, she shouts at him and he falls into the river. 正当琴雪花在录制美景时,她被河边石台上的韩锡勋吸引了目光,只见他表情落寞地往边缘走去,雪花以为他想跳河,大声呼唤起来,结果韩锡勋掉到河里。

Golden Pouch 黄金口袋 (Dual Sound)
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