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Golden Pillow 金枕头

Golden Pillow 金枕头 - EP1

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 Oct 2013 Audio: Chinese

The Golden Pillow, a grand, sprawling saga about a man’s search for success and love in a difficult world. A landmark drama which traces the footsteps of Ren Niang as he travels away from his native Thailand to seek his fortune, The Golden Pillow presents a milestone in local television production, with 40 globetrotting episodes and a star-studded cast. The tale of the Golden Pillow takes Thai-born Ren Niang to Singapore in search of his long-lost father, Sai Qilin. He takes with him, a black stone pillow that Sai had given his mother. Once reunited with his father, he starts a successful company with the help of Li Mingzhu, a distant relative who falls in love with him. But when Zhou Xiaodan, his childhood love, arrives in Singapore, a confused Ren has to decide which woman he truly loves... 强大的演员阵容,高潮选起的故事情节,新鲜的演员配搭,富异国情调的外景地点… 新传媒本年度又一隆重钜献-- <金枕头> 再创高峰,必会为观众带来全新体验 ! <金枕头>故事描述泰国出生的赛认娘带着黑石枕头到新加坡与生父相认,在逆境中奋斗向上,终成为亚洲富豪. 然而在感情上,赛认娘始终周旋于青梅竹马的周小丹和远亲李明珠之间, 难以取舍。为了使<金枕头>更有噱头,新传媒破天荒邀得金马奖影帝万梓良担任本剧的男主角,首次参与本地电视剧的演出。 长达40集的<金枕头>是近年来最庞大的制作,其故事发生在泰国,新加坡和巴黎等地。为了使剧集更逼真更具说服力,新传媒特地拉队到泰国取景,泰国富地方情调,花都巴黎景致迷人更不在活下,观众这次有眼福了。

Golden Pillow 金枕头
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