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Gifted 天之骄子

Gifted 天之骄子 - EP20

45 Min
Some Violence and Coarse Language

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Jul 2018 Audio: Chinese

Ling Li goes to find Li Qian. But the two get captured by Xin Rou's men instead. Xin Rou sends Xiao Yi a clip of Li Qian and Ling Li being captured. Xiao Yi forwards the clip to Yao Zu hoping to get his help. Using their gifted abilities, Yao Zu and Xiao Yi find out the whereabouts of Li Qian and Ling Li. Li Qian suffers a bullet for Xiao Yi and gets put in a life threatening situation. 伶俐往找丽倩,两人却被心柔派来的人掳走。心柔把绑架丽倩的视频传给孝义威胁他,孝义把视频转寄给耀祖,希望他能协助救人。耀祖和孝义分别透过自己的特殊能力,找到了丽倩和伶俐的下落。危急之际丽倩帮孝义挡了一枪,性命垂危...

Gifted 天之骄子
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