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Get Rea! S15

Get Rea! S15 - EP11

China's New Unwanted
42 Min

By CNA Published: 14 Mar 2017 Audio: English

In China, orphanages were once filled with unwanted baby girls. Today, it's disabled children. In a country where social services remain patchy at best, especially in the rural areas, parents end up shouldering the cost of medical care. Sometimes, abandonment seems the easier option. Among these orphans, only a lucky few will find new homes. Will 7-year-old Keyuan be one of them ? He was born with no ears, and lives in a medical foster home in Beijing. But older boys like him are at the back of the adoption queue: families tend not to pick older boys as they are seen as harder to manage. Under Chinese law, children after 14 cannot be adopted. With every passing month, Keyuan's chances are fading. In this episode, Get Real meets China's unwanted children and asks what their future holds.

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