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Fun with SINGnese 新语研究所

Fun with SINGnese 新语研究所 - EP9

44 Min

By Channel U Published: 04 Dec 2018 Audio: Chinese

Fun with SINGnese is an infotainment series that explores the origins of local Chinese/Dialect words. This episode discusses how the terms Da Li Ren (someone with a high rank or status), Ching Chai (anything or anyhow), Sabun (soap) and Ang Sar Li (Serangoon Garden) came about. 《新语研究所》和大家轻松谈论新加坡的独特华语及方言词汇。为什么有权势或者在政府部门位阶高的人称为大粒人?为什么我们用“青菜”来形容随便?肥皂Sabun的词源来自哪里?为什么实龙岗花园俗称为红沙厘?

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