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Fun With SINGnese S2 新语研究所 2

Fun With SINGnese S2 新语研究所 2 - EP11

Finale 大结局
42 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 05 Mar 2020 Audio: Chinese

Fun with SINGnese 2 continues to explore the origins of local Chinese/Dialect words. This episode discusses how the terms Ah Sia Kia (son of rich family), Lao Dou (father), Da Bo Gong (scapegoat), Er Shu Gong (pawnshop) came about, and why we say call or shout when placing orders.《新语研究所2》和大家轻松谈论新加坡的独特华语及方言词汇。为什么有钱人家的子弟也叫做阿舍仔?为什么爸爸也叫做老豆,替人顶罪的也叫做大伯公,当铺也叫做二叔公?为什么我们叫菜、叫水,而不是说点餐、点饮料?

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