Frontline 前线追踪 (FY2021)

Frontline 前线追踪 (FY2021) - EP15

Fri 31 Jul 2020
22 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 31 Jul 2020 Audio: Chinese

As Singapore’s economy continues to worsen due to Covid-19, more retrenchments are expected. Where can retrenched workers go to for help ? What should they do to keep themselves employable ? The number of dengue fever cases has reached a record high this year. Why is this so ? Why are some people down with dengue fever more than once ? 冠病疫情严重打击新加坡的经济,裁员情况接下来预计会恶化。被裁员工可以去哪里寻求援助?怎么提高自己的受雇能力?感染骨痛热症的人数今年激增,是什么原因?为什么有些人感染超过一次?

Frontline 前线追踪 (FY2021)
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