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Frontline Connects 前线开讲

Frontline Connects 前线开讲 - EP5

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Nov 2020 Audio: Chinese

Our earth is sick. Global warming, melting glaciers and rising sea levels cause anxiety. Most people understand that environment protection is crucial, but practicing it is another matter. Are our green initiatives lagging far behind European countries ? Some says going green is costly and inconveniences life, is it really the case ? How difficult is it to live a green life in Singapore ? What can we do to save the environment ? 地球“生病”了!全球暖化、冰川融化、海平面上升皆令人忧心!大多数人懂环保很重要,但实践环保又是另一码事!在力拼经济的年代,我国的环保工作是否远远落在欧美国家后头?有人说,环保既花钱,又让生活不便,真的是如此吗?在新加坡过“环保生活”,到底有多难?大家该如何为环保尽一份力?

Frontline Connects 前线开讲
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