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Frontline Connects 前线开讲

Frontline Connects 前线开讲 - EP1

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 11 Oct 2020 Audio: Chinese

Every generation has its own dreams, pursuits and challenges. Growing up in the Internet era, how do Millennials adapt to the ever-changing global trends, and reflect upon the evergreen issues in life ? Brand new series Frontline Connects will debut first on the Internet, the younger generation will discuss hot topics in this 5-episodic series. TV Presenter Chua Sin Kai will co-host with Frontline Deputy Editor Yeo Hock Chuan and bilingual professional Alvona Loh. 每一个世代都有属于自己的梦想、追求和挑战,生长在网络时代的千禧人类,又是怎么顺应全球瞬息万变的潮流趋势,看待人生永恒不变的课题?全新系列《前线开讲》以网络优先的方式登场,一共五期的节目让年轻人畅谈他们关注的课题。主持团队包括电视主持人蔡沁凯、《前线追踪》副主编杨福泉和双语达人卢姿卉。

Frontline Connects 前线开讲
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