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For Food's Sake! S3

For Food's Sake! S3 - EP2

47 Min

By CNA Published: 12 Oct 2020 Audio: English

COVID-19 has exposed how important food security is to a city state like Singapore. Can the island grow more food to become more resilient to future food shocks ? In land-scarce Singapore, farms already take up 1% of the land, yet contributes only 0.03% of the city's GDP. Chef Ming decides to work in a farm to see if they can be made more productive. He discovers a burgeoning agri-tech scene, but wonders why the millions being poured into the sector are not making an immediate impact in the market place. He speaks to the industry players to find out why. He also brings hydroponic vegetables to a laboratory to see if they differ from soil-grown vegetables in their nutritional value. Finally, he taps on a friend in the Netherlands to investigate how the small European country managed to become a major food exporter.

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