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Food Struck! 食不可挡

Food Struck! 食不可挡 - EP9

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 30 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

What can you make with our staple food, rice ? This week "Food Struck" arrives at Bishan, where 3 chefs present 3 creative cuisines made with rice ! The test isn't just at their cooking skill. 3 celebrity judges will be getting these chefs to reveal their hidden showmanship. Make a guess on who's the one bringing joy & laughter to the competition ? Watch "Food Struck" to find out ! 日常主食白米饭能有什么让人感到新奇的变化?这集食不可挡来到碧山,由3位大厨亲自示范给你看!还有风趣的名人评审,让大厨们不仅展现厨艺,还发挥了深藏不露的搞笑实力,逗得全场笑声不断,猜猜究竟是谁有这种魔力?请锁定这一集的食不可挡!

Food Struck! 食不可挡
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