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Food Struck! 食不可挡

Food Struck! 食不可挡 - EP6

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 09 May 2018 Audio: Chinese

Finally, here comes the elimination round ! 70 mummies from Yishun are in for a special Mothers' Day treat as Alvin, Cao Yong and Yao Xiang prepare sumptuous pork cuisine for their sampling. This round will be a tough fight as all three chefs were winners from the previous round. Who will emerge victorious this time round ? Stay tuned as this episode also eliminates three chefs at one go ! 终于来到淘汰赛!最后登场的三位大厨,Alvin、曹勇和耀祥都是上一轮的区域优胜者。鹿死谁手难预料!节目为了配合母亲节,也特别邀请了70位来自义顺的妈妈当评审。她们将针对大厨们所精心烹制的猪肉料理进行投票。谁将荣登义顺民厨宝座?哪三位大厨又将离场?一切就在这集的《食不可挡》!

Food Struck! 食不可挡
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