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Food Struck! 食不可挡

Food Struck! 食不可挡 - EP3

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Apr 2018 Audio: Chinese

The last 3 chefs, Alex, Yeow Siang & Kenny are up for the challenge ! We have the uprising executive chef, Alex, competing against Yeow Siang who is a Culinary Olympics Gold Medallist & also experienced Chinese Chef, Kenny Ng. This week, residents of Punggol are up for a treat with each chef presenting their tantalizing prawn dishes. Catch us to find out how these 9 chefs fair in their first round as we reveal their rankings ! 蓄势待发,最后三位大厨Alex,耀祥和Kenny将在榜鹅展开第三场复赛,以"虾"为主题,烹煮创意的虾肉料理!后起之秀Alex,对上身经百战的耀祥和中厨五虎将之一的Kenny,谁能脱颖而出?想知道最新战绩和第一轮的明星魅力排行榜成绩,那就千万不要错过!

Food Struck! 食不可挡
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