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Food Struck! 食不可挡

Food Struck! 食不可挡 - EP12

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 20 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese

The stakes are higher now for Zor and Alvin as Cao Yong gets crowned as the Chef of Serangoon in the previous round. In this crucial episode, the three chefs also face their toughest challenge where they must incorporate mock meat in their vegetarian theme. Will the unbeatable Cao Yong meet his match this time or will he advance to claim his sixth victory ? Watch to find out ! 在上周的比赛当中,曹勇再次称冠,赢得实龙岗区厨王的宝座,使得Zor和Alvin的压力加倍!在这场关键性的回合中,三位大厨也面临有史以来最艰巨的挑战。他们必须为这次的素食主题注入素肉元素。一直保持不败记录的曹勇这回还能称冠吗?Zor和Alvin能否反败为胜?别错过了这期的《食不可挡》!

Food Struck! 食不可挡
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