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Food Struck! 食不可挡

Food Struck! 食不可挡 - EP10

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 06 Jun 2018 Audio: Chinese

Okra is often labeled as an ordinary vegetable that has a mild taste whose sap turns many people away. In this utmost important match, Zor, Ivan and Alvin will rise up to the challenge, transforming okra into an exquisite cuisine, enticing even the okra haters ! Three chefs will be eliminated. Who shall prevail ? Watch to find out ! 平平无奇的羊角豆能有什么变化?至关重要的一局,看Zor、Ivan和Alvin如何升华羊角豆为精致美味的奢华料理,就连不爱吃羊角豆的朋友也会竖起拇指大赞。三位大厨即将离场,究竟最后三强花落谁家?千万别错过《食不可挡》!

Food Struck! 食不可挡
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