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Food Lore S1 点食成金s1

Food Lore S1 点食成金s1 - EP8

Stray Dogs
48 Min
Sexual Content

By HBO Published: 22 Dec 2019 Audio: Chinese

An unlikely friendship forms when an ambitious young businessman tries to make a quick buck by convincing a bad-tempered yet, genius chef to start a restaurant franchise with him in Kuala Lumpur. But, can their friendship last ? 野心勃勃的年轻商人提姆希望和易怒的天才主厨马奇在吉隆坡经营餐饮连锁服务。坏脾气的主厨虽然拒绝了汤姆,两人却意外的渐渐发展出友谊。当汤姆发现马奇的秘密辣酱的配方时,在出售配方与坚持对好友忠诚之间天人交战。

Food Lore S1 点食成金s1
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