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Folklore S1 亚洲怪谈s1

Folklore S1 亚洲怪谈s1 - EP6

47 Min

By HBO Published: 25 Jul 2013 Audio: Korean

This HBO Asia Original horror anthology series features the deeply-rooted superstitions and myths across six Asian countries, including Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. In the last of six episodes in the series from Korea directed by Lee Sang Woo, is about the the 'Mongdal', a bachelor ghost. A mother tries to appease the moods and demands of her borderline psychopathic son. When a new girl comes to town, her son falls quickly and deeply for the new girl and is determined to win her over possibly even against her will. When things take a tragic turn, his mother will stop at nothing to make her son happy even if it means finding a bride to join him in the afterlife. This episode was selected for the international film festival, Fantastic Fest. 这出单元剧形式的HBO Asia原创恐怖影集描写深植于印度尼西亚、日本、韩国、马来西亚、新加坡与泰国等六个亚洲国家的迷信与神话故事。最后一集描写韩国的童男鬼,由李尚禹执导。片中一个妈妈努力缓和濒临精神崩溃的儿子的情绪,满足他的需求。在镇上新来了一个女生后,儿子很快深深迷恋上她,不计代价想赢得女孩的欢心,尽管可能违背了她的意愿。当悲剧发生时,妈妈不顾一切想让儿子幸福,甚至要为他在来世找新娘。本集入选美国奥斯汀奇幻影展。

Folklore S1 亚洲怪谈s1
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