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Fixer 线人

Fixer 线人 - EP6

45 Min

By Channel U Published: 15 Jun 2017 Audio: Chinese

There is a group of sea gypsies with no nationality. They live on boats or wooden huts out at the sea. They have no education and medical care but only armed with basic fishing skills. They are forced to settle on shore with no life assurance and are losing their own identity in this modern society.一群海上吉普赛人,没有国籍和身份证,他们住在船上或海上棚屋,随海飘泊。没有义务教育和医疗照顾,只有基本的海底抓鱼技能。被逼上岸定居,无法得到生活的保障,不但失去原有的身份,也无法在现代社会中安身立命。

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