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Fixer 线人

Fixer 线人 - EP12

44 Min

By Channel U Published: 27 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

There is a special group of Chinese Indian living in Kolkata, India. Many are Hakkas from Guangdong and Jiangxi and they have been living in Kolkata for at least 230 years. From the heyday of 200,000 people till now of only less than 2,000 people, why has this glory declined through the years ? 在印度加尔各答,居住着一个特殊群体,华裔印度人。很多是来自广东、江西的客家人。他们在加尔各答居住了至少230年。从全盛期的20万人,到现在不到2000人,为什么曾辉煌一时的华人聚集地,会走向衰落呢?

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