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Fixer 线人

Fixer 线人 - EP11

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 20 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

Hong Kong's property prices are high and owning a home is a representation of one's social status. The housing issue in Hong Kong is no longer the affordability to own but rent. Rent is higher but living space is smaller. Many land plots are reserved for commercial use, farms have become mansions.香港寸土如金,楼价惊人,拥有个挡风遮雨的安乐窝,成了个人身份标签,阶级和成就的代名词。香港住宅问题,不再是楼贵买不起,而是租不起,越租越贵却越住越小。很多土地被地产商屯积,农地变豪宅,人们一样买不起。

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