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Fixer 线人

Fixer 线人 - EP10

47 Min

By Channel U Published: 13 Jul 2017 Audio: Chinese

Every year, 30,000 teenage girls are being trafficked to the red light district in Kolkata, India, to be sex workers. Poverty, violence, drugs and alcohol addiction have forced them to face the reality every day. Let's follow Yi Fong and fixer to the red light district and find out more in depth.在5百万人口的印度加尔各答,每年有3万名未成年的少女,被贩卖到这里的红灯区从事性工作。贫穷、暴力、毒品和酗酒成瘾,是她们每天不得不面对的现实面。让红灯区线人带着怡凤深入这个龙潭虎穴一探究竟。

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