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Fixer 线人

Fixer 线人 - EP1

47 Min

By Channel U Published: 11 May 2017 Audio: Chinese

It was heard that in Cebu, Philippines, someone are kept in the cage or are chained under a tree in the forest. Why are these people actually imprisoned ? And why are they left alone in the wilderness ? Let's follow Pornsak and the fixer to search for answers to all these doubts and speculation. 在菲律宾宿务地区,听闻有人被关在笼子里,森林里,锁在大树底下。究竟为什么这些人会被囚禁起来?甚至被丢弃在荒郊野外?无数的问号,疑虑和揣测,让Pornsak带大家跟随着线人的脚步前往一探究竟。

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