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Fixer S3 线人 3

Fixer S3 线人 3 - EP1

Vietnam – The Scourge Of Agent Orange
45 Min
Some Disturbing Scenes

By Channel U Published: 15 Aug 2019 Audio: Chinese

The Vietnam War has left behind traumatic suffering and haunting nightmare to the Vietnamese people. It is also like a spell, casting heavy shackle on them which they are unable to break free. Is being regretful the biggest punishment in life for the war pushers or the helpless Agent Orange victims ? 越战留给了越南百姓一扇无法启齿的伤痛窗口,带给他们的是一种挥之不去的梦魇,更像是一种咒语,给他们套上了沉痛的枷锁,使他们无法撑脱。人生最大的惩罚是后悔,是战争的推使者,抑或是没得选择的橙剂受害者呢?

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