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First Touch S2

First Touch S2 - EP5

The Ventouse
46 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 01 Jul 2016 Audio: English

Michelle has a big quarrel with the nurses, and they end up giving her hell by waking her up in the middle of the night to answer trivial calls. But she eventually learns that she has to work with the nurses and that their experience is a big help. Charles has to take care of his niece who has been abandoned by his brother. At one point, he is almost arrested for shoplifting when he chases after his niece in the supermarket and forgets to put back the unpaid groceries. Winnie has to bail him. Winnie treats a girl who goes for an illegal abortion and suffers from septic abortion. The point is driven home: If you want an abortion, do it right. Or you might kill yourself. Kelly meets a patient who wants to tighten up down there for vanity's sake. Guest star: Joey Swee.

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