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Family Wanders 带你去吃风

Family Wanders 带你去吃风 - EP3

Ben Yeo
24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 05 Feb 2015 Audio: Chinese

Find out more about each artiste’s travel plans at www.toggle.sg/familywanders. Ben Yeo’s mum had to quit school since the age of eight to support her family. Madam Yeo dedicates herself to her family, preferring a life of simplicity and frowns upon any form of unnecessary lavishness. Being a father of two sons made Ben appreciate his mother more. He is all set to take her on a mother and son holiday in Taiwan and make her the pampered one for a change. Ben的母亲是标准的贤妻良母。她长年为家人奉献,甚至8岁稚龄就自我退学、当起童工,只为了让家人过得更好。从小便是顽童的Ben经过结婚生子的历练,终于明白母亲长年付出的辛苦。他决定利用这次的台湾之旅,好好犒赏母亲、让她从配角升级成为家中的女主角!于是向来简朴的杨妈妈,第一次踏上了奢华的星光之旅。。。

Family Wanders 带你去吃风
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