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Family Wanders 带你去吃风

Family Wanders 带你去吃风 - EP12

Jayley Woo
24 Min

By meWATCH Published: 05 Mar 2015 Audio: Chinese

Find out more about each artiste’s travel plans at www.toggle.sg/familywanders. Things get worse when the often absent - minded Hayley often makes a scene of herself and Jayley is slowly losing her patience towards her older sister. Fortunately the two sisters patch up over dinner as they relive their childhood memories over by digging into their favourite instant noodles – a delicacy they used to share when they’re kids. It then turns into a heart - to - heart sharing session which helps Jayley understand her sister’s struggles. And when Jayley arranges a surprise for Hayley at a café owned by the latter’s favourite Korean idol and both exchange birthday gifts for each other, it leads to an outpour of teary emotions… 糊里糊涂的姐姐Hayley老是弄丢东西、又在蒸气房打翻饮料、引来全场注目,让Jayley大感丢脸!正感到对姐姐越来越不耐烦,当晚的晚餐却意外地让两人感情回温。姐妹俩吃着充满儿时回忆的部队锅快熟面、聊着儿时趣事,渐渐开放心怀吐露心事。Hayley说起自己辛苦的寻梦之路,一时泪崩,不仅让Jayley进一步谅解姐姐,也拉近了两人关系。距离圣诞还有两天,Jayley带Hayley到她偶像所属公司经营的咖啡厅,提前帮她准备了梦寐以求的惊喜,让她再度泪崩!两姐妹的23岁生日也转眼将近,两人各自努力出发为对方部署礼物,想让对方留下最难忘的回忆。。。

Family Wanders 带你去吃风
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