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FAM - EP13

23 Min

By Channel 5 Published: 15 Jan 2019 Audio: English

Things are pretty solemn in the Tan household. Everyone gives Sammi the cold shoulder and during the family breakfast, Joy reiterates to everyone that they will be closing their channel for good and will not be making any more videos. Joy decides that the four of them will continue to work at the cafe. When the Tan family begins to mess up a lot of things at the cafe, it’s apparent to see that adapting to a normal life is difficult for the Tan family after being influencers for a while. An enraged Sammi confronts Olivia about manipulating her words and betraying her trust but Olivia simply brushes it off saying in the online world it’s all about getting views and you need to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Sammi is ashamed of idolizing Olivia and is determined to make things right and she goes live on the family channel to tell the real truth behind the exposé on the Tan Family.

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