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Exlosers - EP1

24 Min

By okto Published: 01 Feb 2017 Audio: English

Daryl, Clandestino, Mundi and Janice are the undisputed losers in school. But there is a catch; each one of them holds special powers that they are not supposed to reveal. The loner Daryl’s ears can eavesdrop on anybody, anywhere. The messy untidy Clandestino has super quick flexes. The timid Mundi’s brain has the IQ of a dozen geniuses. And the bossy Janice can imitate the voice of anybody and the sound of anything. EXLOSERS is about these kids’ struggles with their super powers. They will also encounter the usual pangs of growing up. How to handle school bullies ? How to be popular ? How to get their parents to understand them ? And understand why their parents do what they do, for them.

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