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Evolution 一起看过去

Evolution 一起看过去 - EP10

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 19 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

Men has taken million of years to evolve to our present state. However, that is not the case for many technological products and even some trades. These products are a necessity now. But not long ago, they were basically unheard of or in the form that young viewers would not recognise. Let "Evolution" reveal how these products have evolved. 物种会依据生存所需,在漫长历史中自然发展出必需的能力及特色。如果此理论套用在我们日常再熟悉不过的用品上,那会是什么样的晋阶过程?让我们"一起看过去",探索我们熟悉之物品发展的全过程。从物品的发明,到物品经过了时代更迭,不断地顺应时代,改良发展及未来将会出现的新类型等等。

Evolution 一起看过去
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