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Eureka Moment China 加油!向未来

Eureka Moment China 加油!向未来 - EP11

84 Min

By meWATCH Published: 28 Mar 2018 Audio: Chinese

"Eureka Moment China" is an explosive and larger than life gameshow in which two couples go head to head testing their knowledge and coming face to face with a raft of dangerous stunts and wacky experiments. 《加油!向未来》是中央电视台推出的科学实验节目。由撒贝宁、张腾岳主持,邓楚涵为解题人。每期节目明星嘉宾将和观众代表一起,通过实验竞赛,为加油队和未来队赢取科学奖励,获胜队将赢得当期最终大奖(北极圈科考之旅)。

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