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Enemy Within

Enemy Within - EP2

The Battle for Kabul
47 Min
Mature Themes

By CNA Published: 23 Jan 2019 Audio: English

Eighteen years since 9/11 and the launch of 'Operation Enduring Freedom', the war in Afghanistan remains stuck in a stalemate. Kabul's commanders have long stopped talking about winning in Afghanistan. The annual Taliban "Spring Offensives" have left 15,000 Afghan soldiers dead, amidst scores who wither, desert or defect. Channel NewsAsia travels to Kabul at the brink of this year's offensive. The documentary producers gain unprecedented access to remote Taliban badlands to discover social and ideological drivers of the enduring terror. Meeting fighters, families and ordinary Afghans caught in the crossfire, The Battle for Kabul seeks to discover why and how America's longest war has gone so wrong for so long ?

Enemy Within
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