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Eat Already? S4 吃饱没?4

Eat Already? S4 吃饱没?4 - EP10

Back To The Future (Finale
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 13 Apr 2018 Audio: Hokkien

Ah Bee is excited for his date with Swee Hoon, and Ah Tan is beyond overjoyed. Meanwhile, Swee Hoon gets ready for the big night, with some help from Oliver and Mrs Choo. On his way to the date, Ah Bee runs into Cheryl, who bids him a tearful farewell. Swee Hoon witnesses their warm embrace, and leaves in a huff. Back home, she packs for a flight back to Australia with Oliver, leaving Mr and Mrs Choo in dismay. Ah Bee arrives just moments after she boards a taxi to the airport. Ah Bee满心期待与瑞云的约会,Ah Tan更是雀跃万分。同时,瑞云也特地为了约会精心打扮,Oliver和朱太太则从旁协助。Ah Bee在赴约途中遇到Cheryl,两人拥抱道别。不料,瑞云却目睹了这一幕,伤心离去。瑞云回家后立即收拾行李,准备带Oliver一起回澳大利亚,朱夫妇对一切感到非常错愕。Ah Bee赶到时,瑞云已经前往机场。他最后是否能挽留瑞云?而Ah Tan的故事将会如何结束?

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