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Eat Already? S3 吃饱没?3

Eat Already? S3 吃饱没?3 - EP1

Something’s Cooking 风云再起
24 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 18 Aug 2017 Audio: Hokkien

Ah Soon, the Yuans and other coffeeshop vendors attend the 50th anniversary gala of famous restaurant chain Old Kim Kee, where they meet their coffeeshop’s new owner for the first time. Towkay Wong of Old Kim Kee has an unpleasant surprise when his old nemesis returns, driving him to seek help from his reclusive senior. Meanwhile, ambitious young hawker Qi Qi, prepares for her first day of business as a new vendor in the coffeeshop.阿顺连同圆叔夫妇及其他咖啡店摊贩,出席了知名连锁大酒楼“老金记”的50周年庆。这也是大伙儿首次与咖啡店的新老板见面。“老金记”老板头家王则遇上麻烦,心怀不轨的宿敌出现在他眼前,迫使他不得不向隐世高手“二师兄”求助。充满目标和理想的新生代小贩琪琪加入咖啡店开了个档口,忙着为档口头一天开业进行准备。

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