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Eat Already? S2 吃饱没? 2

Eat Already? S2 吃饱没? 2 - EP1

Old is Gold 喜新不厌旧
23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 24 Feb 2017 Audio: Hokkien

Uncle Soon is haunted by nightmares of his annoying sister-in-law Kym, and gets a rude shock when she appears at the coffeeshop one afternoon. The neighbours talk about a violent commotion they heard in the middle of the night, which turns out to be Aunty Wong getting thrown out of the house by a family member. New stallholders Uncle and Aunty Yuan move in to the coffeeshop but soon find themselves at odds with Uncle Soon. Ah Niu Sao and Bird King return for a reunion meal with their friends and neighbours before moving out of the neighbourhood to pursue other things. Uncle and Aunty Soon learn about their daughter, Peishi’s ambition, but Aunty Soon unexpectedly expresses strong objections. 顺嫂的姐姐 Kym 向来与阿顺不和,某日下午,Kym 忽然出现在咖啡店里。王嫂遭逐出家门,带着亡夫遗物在外游荡。圆叔与圆嫂在咖啡店新开了汤圆档,和阿顺打起对台。搬离邻里前,阿牛嫂与鸟王和大家吃了一顿团圆饭。阿顺夫妻不认同女儿佩诗的志向,两代开始起冲突。

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