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Dream Walkers 梦行者

Dream Walkers 梦行者 - EP8

29 Min

By meWATCH Published: 24 Aug 2018 Audio: Chinese

Tang Ning comes clean. Turns out she used to befriend Chu Qing, and that is where she got to learn about things regarding Di Lun and Xiao Qing. After finally meeting them, Tang Ning cannot help but poses as Chu Qing, seeing how badly Di Lun wants to find her. Only she did not expect herself to develop feelings for him, and by the time she realizes, it was too late. Di Lun is unable to forgive her upon hearing that. 唐凝说出一切,原来她一直是初晴的“隐形”好朋友,也从初晴哪里得知许多关于晓晴和狄伦的事情。跟狄伦和晓晴见面后,唐凝无意中开始模仿初晴,其实是真心想帮狄伦达成寻回初晴的愿望,但她后悔时,已经无法割舍对狄伦的爱,只好继续伪装。狄伦大为失望难过,无法原谅唐凝。

Dream Walkers 梦行者
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