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Dream Coder 梦想程式

Dream Coder 梦想程式 - EP20

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 27 Feb 2017 Audio: Chinese

During its launch, the share-share app does not function. The computer system has been attacked by a virus and the app is compromised. Guangda wonders about Jingcheng’s sudden disappearance but Hongyi dismisses his suspicions. Another company releases an identical app called Let’s Share. Hongyi learns Jingcheng has sabotaged and betrayed them. Junheng drops his investment in the share-share app. Hongyi sinks into depression. Zhenlong steps forward to take the reins. Under his leadership the team fixes the share-share app, and he begs Junheng to give them another chance. His team’s determination inspires him, and Hongyi pulls himself together. Guangda is disheartened by Yayun’s concern for Hongyi. Hongyi decides to start afresh. He changes the company’s name to Rebegan and makes everyone a shareholder. The revamped share-share app is launched to good reviews. Both Hongyi and Guangda confess their feelings for Yayun. Huixin fakes an accident so that Fang Ru will discern her real feelings for Jianming and Zhenlong.

Dream Coder 梦想程式
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