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Don't Worry Be Happy S6 敢敢做个开心人 6

Don't Worry Be Happy S6 敢敢做个开心人 6 - EP28

23 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Jul 2015 Audio: Chinese

In this series, Xiao Mei (May Phua) decides to rope her family to help in her florist business. Half of her shop is sub-let to Xiao Xiao (Chen Liping) as a bubble tea counter. Love sparks fly between Xiao's brother, Yang Yang (Zhang Yaodong) and Xiao Mei. Sotong (Cavin Soh), another new member in the sitcom helps out at the bubble tea counter and is an avid xinyao singer. A potential love triangle develops between Sotong, Xiao Xiao and Sam (Chen Hanwei). An extension to the last series, Jia Zhen (Tracer Wong) returns to this series, pregnant ! In order to earn more money to provide a better lifestyle for the family, Jin Lai (Huang Wenyong) becomes a second hand car dealer.

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