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Disisimu Aku

Disisimu Aku - EP3

45 Min

By Suria Published: 23 Nov 2020 Audio: Malay

Affectionate and caring, Aman and Qeena were good friends since childhood. However, the sudden emergence of Zeyra threatens their relationship. Aman was blinded by Zeyra's stunning beauty that he fails to remember the existence of Qeena in his life. Saddened with Aman's sudden change of heart, Qeena decides to leave him for good. Her disappearance leaves a void in Aman's life, but he vows not to look for her as he would rather let time determine his destiny between Zeyra or Qeena. Unexpectedly Qeena's meeting with Aman was unplanned. Her love for Aman remained true but hates him for what he did. However, Zeyra once again surfaces and becomes a stumbling block between Qeena and Aman's relationship. To mend her broken heart, Qeena is willing to accept any man into her life, even without true love, if Aman is not meant for her.

Disisimu Aku
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