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Disease Hunters

Disease Hunters - EP1

The Viral Menace
47 Min

By CNA Published: 15 Nov 2020 Audio: English

COVID-19 has brought attention back to deadly viruses. Meet hard-working scientists in Singapore and elsewhere racing to identify emerging pathogens, battle existing viruses and co-operate to find urgently-needed treatments and vaccines. We follow a Thai expert on an expedition to find out if bats in her country carry the same virus as bats in China, thought to be the origins of the new coronavirus. Meanwhile, a Singapore bat expert is exploring the mysteries of why bats can carry so many viruses without getting sick. In Cambodia we see new research into the viruses carried by rodents, birds and pigs that have the potential to cause the next human pandemic. In the Philippines we meet the frontline healthcare workers trying to eradicate an old scourge - polio. And in Iceland and Singapore, we see scientists studying and sharing the genomes of COVID-19 cases to help track the disease's spread and develop vaccines to save lives.

Disease Hunters
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