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Dimensi Ke 4 S3

Dimensi Ke 4 S3 - EP8

Bila Hati Bersilat (When The Heart Is Grappling)
43 Min

By Suria Published: 08 Sep 2015 Audio: Malay

Fahrin tries to rescue his girlfriend, Masita from being harassed by Murad who fancies her. Fahrin is outnumbered and defeated. A passer-by, Sufyan, witnesses the incident and comes to the rescue. Seeing Sufyan easily defeating Murad’s sidekicks, Fahrin requests that he learns silat from Sufyan’s silat master, Pak Wan. As Fahrin is engrossed learning silat from Pak Wan, Sufyan has more opportunities of meeting Masita and takes an interest in her. Pak Wan instigates that Masita is the woman that Sufyan should sleep with to complete his apprenticeship. Sufyan is in a dilemma as he has fallen in love with Masita.

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