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Dimensi Ke 4 S2

Dimensi Ke 4 S2 - EP8

45 Min

By Suria Published: 14 Mar 2016 Audio: Malay

Paranormal Phenomena - Traditional beliefs, practices and other cultural forms are demonstrably abundant in Malay society. History tells us that Malay custom has its origin in India. However, with the passage of time and the influence of Western science and technology, we can see how the various superstitions of the old days, and other features of folk custom and usage, are little by little disappearing. R.O. Winstedt said, "I would remind Malay readers that every race has its lumber-room of magical beliefs and practices, and many such survivals are gracious and beautiful and full of historical interest. It is to be hoped that the rapid influx of modern ideas will not wash away too many of the landmarks of their complex and ancient civilisation". This drama series can be translated as our effort to preserve our knowledge about these old practices and at the same time to entertain our general viewers.

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