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Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记 - EP4

Who’s The Angel?
21 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 26 Jan 2020 Audio: Chinese

Angel & Mortal Week is approaching. Miss Ho wants everyone to draw lots to become anonymous Angels. Everyone is curious who's the one writing encouraging letters to them. Amos becomes Michael's Angel so he uses this chance to attack Michael. On the other hand, Amos receives a mysterious letter. Who is his angel ? Angel & Mortal Week将至,老师要大家抽签成为互相的匿名Angel。同学们都好奇,到底写正能量鼓励信的Angel是谁? Amos却不幸成为Michael的Angel。于是,Amos满怀敌意地打击Michael。另一方面,Amos却收到神秘的温柔来信,让Amos满腹疑窦,自己的Angel是谁?

Diary of Amos Lee 阿莫的日记
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